Fun Reward Ideas

Fun Reward Ideas

Running out of ideas about how to motivate your kids?  An appropriate reward system is often effective (see How to Gamify the Problem for tips on how to make a reward system), but using the same rewards over and over again can get old.  If your children get bored with going out for ice cream, that reward system loses its motivating power.  We recommend mixing up the rewards or even making the reward a surprise.  It’s easy to get into a reward rut.   So you need new, fun reward ideas to keep your children interested.  Here is a list of ideas to get you started!

Something Collectible – This doesn’t mean literally a “collector’s item”, but do your children like to collect stuffed animals?  Pokémon cards?  These can function as repeat prizes too, as your children can always collect more.

A Special Outing – Take your children to an amusement park or a museum or a sports game.  That day out you were already planning will work, but let your children think it is a reward for their behavior.  

Coupons for Something Bigger – Is that amusement park ticket kind of pricey?  Do your children want a new video game or expensive toy?  Make it a multi-stage prize.  After a certain number of coupons, they can trade the coupons in for the bigger prize.

Family Privileges – Make prizes for free by giving your children more freedoms around the house.  Do your children have a TV limit?  Reward them with 2 extra hours.  

Extra Story at Bed Time – Giving your children a little bit of extra attention can be a simple way to make them feel special and rewarded.  Just make sure you don’t go too far and withhold attention.

Food – Use food by letting them pick what is for dinner or making their favorite dish.  If your children like to help, try making cookies or cupcakes with them as a reward too!

Less Chores – Take a few chores off of your children’s plates.  Give them a little extra time to do the things that they find fun.  Use this reward sparingly to prevent it from becoming a punishment when they do have chores.

Renting a Video – Have a movie night and let your children pick the movie.  Both the movie and the privilege to choose the movie are rewarding.

Praise from Older Siblings – This may not be something they can earn with points, but a kind word from the older siblings they look up to can go a long way in terms of encouragement.  Suggest to an older sibling that it might be nice if they praised their little brother or sister for their successes.

You can always think of more on your own.  Anything that gets your child excited can be used to reward their good behavior.  But remember to reward their routine and not whether or not they stay dry.  Bed-wetting itself is out of their control.  So rewarding that will make them feel helpless and confused.  Instead encourage them to practice good habits that they can control.  

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