Surviving Sleepovers: How to Help your Child Handle Bed-Wetting While Away from Home

Surviving Sleepovers: How to Help your Child Handle Bed-Wetting While Away from Home

So what should you do when the slumber party invitation arrives? Talk to your child about the overnight outing and find out if he has any concerns. Once you know what your child is worried about, you can help him develop a plan to make the sleepover a success.


1. Talk to your child about their worries and come up with a plan to manage bed-wetting on sleepovers.

Your plan might include:

  • Checking out the route to the bathroom at the host house so your child knows where to go in the night
  • Use a sleeping bag with an absorbent pad backed by waterproof surface to lie on inside the bag
  • Spare pajamas and clothes to change into in the event of an accident
  • Disposable pajama pants. Show your child how to put them on and take them off. Practice a few times until they’re confident using these pants. 
  • A plastic bag to put any wet articles in and bring home
  • A torch to light the way to the host’s bathroom
  • A small alarm clock to wake them in the night to go to the bathroom

2. Talk to the host parents. Ask them to keep an eye on things and to let your child know they can go to them if they need help. Ask for a night-light so your child isn’t stumbling around in the dark.

3. Remind your child to go to the bathroom before bed.

4. Tell him or her to have plenty of drinks during the day but to taper off after dinner.

5. Ask the host parent not to give your child fizzy drinks. As these can stimulate the production of urine.

6.  Make sure they’ve had plenty of sleep before sleepovers. Being overtired increases the risk of your little one sleeping deeply and missing the cue that their bladder is full.

7. Have practice runs. Try pretend sleepovers at your place – maybe in the lounge room, or at Gran’s place or a close friend’s home. This will help build your child’s confidence and ability to deal with an accident.

8. Tell your child it’s not just them. 

Lastly, reassure your little one that bed-wetting at sleepovers is nothing to worry about. Lots of kids have accidents when they’re away from home, even those who might not ordinarily wet the bed. Above all, show your compassion and understanding.

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