Bedwetting & Holiday Travels

Bedwetting & Holiday Travels

Here's how bed-wetting can add stress to the already stressful holiday season: waking up in a wet bed can be an upsetting experience for your child. It also adds extra work for parents, such as washing sheets and pyjamas and bathing your child more frequently. Concerns about your child's bedwetting can also affect how or if you make holiday travel plans.

Supplies to have on hand or pack when traveling:

  • Waterproof disposable underwear (pull ups) – pack more than you think you will need just in case
  • Protective vinyl pants – these look just like regular underwear and can be worn over pull ups for added protection
  • Waterproof overlays or disposable underpads – these protective pads have an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer. They can be placed right on top of regular sheets and can be swapped out for a clean one if they become wet or soiled.
  • If your child will be sleeping in a sleeping bag, there are waterproof sleeping bag liners available
  • Large plastic bags – pack plenty in case of an accident. They help isolate any odor and are a sanitary way to store any wet underwear, pajamas or bedding
  • Clothing that is machine washable
  • A urine stain or odor remover

Talk with your child about how to handle an accident if it occurs.  Having them involved in the decision making process lessens their embarrassment and gives them a sense of responsibility. 

Let your child pick out the waterproof underwear and vinyl pants – stock up on these as these may not be readily available in stores when traveling. Help them learn how to change their own protective undergarments

Pack an extra change of clothing and plastic bags in a back pack just in case

And most importantly: Be Prepared--make sure have you and your child knows where the bathroom is and have everything you need on hand so clean up is quick and easy.

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